Music – playing drums for 25+ years on an Roland electronic drumset and a Sonor acoustic set


The ROLAND has the advantage that you are almost „silent“ and nobody get disturbed!

Besides this fact you can play several different kits and use the mobile phone as mp3 player

My style ranges from von Rock to Pop via Alternative to almost everything that is „playable“. I see the drums as a creative instrument and not just the a direction for a band

I also Play Keayboard and guitar.

I love riding motorcyles and got two of them at my home:

After passing my drivers license for motorcycles in 2012 I got me a  Honda NC 700 X which I still ride – despite more than 80.000 km´s


Its 48 HP and 700 cc are more than enough to get to work and to take a nice ride after work or on the weekends .It´s even got a space for a laptop or helmet. All my bikes have heated grips so cold temperatures are a thing of the past

May 2015 got me a Honda Crosstourer


1300 cc  and 130 HP are PERFECT to ride together and go to Scotland or somewhere else. Just her 280 kg let me miss a reverse gear sometimes. My Dealer is just around the corner

The  Crosstourer got 64.000 kms under her wheels now the curvy „Odenwald“´before my front door as well as Spessart, Allgäu, Austria and Schwarzwald and Scotland and the Alpes – with or without my friends!

I did reports on the  Alpes   and Scotland which are not yet translated. Trips to Ireland, the French „Vogesen“ and Sicily are on the list.I I adore the Journeys of Bea and Helge on the site  TimeToRide – though I did not yet plan to go around the world.